Smoke sauna

Smoke sauna is a special type of sauna without a chimney. Wood is burned in a particularly large stove and the smoke fills the room. When the sauna is hot enough, the fire is allowed to die and the smoke is ventilated out. The residual heat of the stove is enough for the duration of the sauna. This represents the ancestral type of sauna, since chimneys are a later addition. Smoke saunas have experienced great revival in recent years, they are not, however, likely to replace all or even most of the regular saunas because more skill, effort and time (usually most of the day) are needed for the heating process. Our house has a hundred years old smoke-sauna which has recently been renovated. It is larger than traditional smoke sauna built at that time. Smoke sauna is a perfect place for purifying your mind and body. Under the same roof with sauna there are two rooms with massive wooden tables and benches in one and billiards in the ather. Originally a blacksmiths workshop, the roomes are cozy with well maintained original blacksmiths fireplace. At warm time of the year these rooms can easily accomodate party for 20 people.